Is there anything as satisfying as completing a challenging adventure game full of smart jokes, great music, and wacky characters?

Well, here at Lynx & Badger Inc., we unquestionably don’t believe that. In fact, we are so much in love with the point-and-click genre that we’re developing our own adventure game – Manoförce: A True Metal Adventure, in which we, with a whole lotta love, poke fun at the hard rock scene.

10 Fantastic Adventure Games We Love

Folks, let’s get down to business. It’s time to dig into the deep well of awesome point-and-click adventures and give you 10 solid recommendations. If you haven’t tried these games out, you’re in for a treat!

Maniac Mansion (1987)

Maniac Mansion

Released as early as 1987Maniac Mansion isn’t just the oldest game on this list; it’s the oldest “true” point-and-click game of all time. This is A MUST PLAY for all gamers out there, even for those who don’t like adventure games (yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but such heathens do exist).

It was while making Maniac Mansion LucasArts created their ICONIC game engine, SCUMM, which stands for Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion. In other words, this game is holy.

Later down this list, you’ll find Day of the Tentacle, LucasArts astounding sequel to Maniac Mansion. And I must admit, all though Maniac Mansion is loads of fun, Day of the Tentacle is even better.

The Secret of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 2, 1990)

Secret of Monkey Island

The purists would probably say that Guybrush’s second adventure is his best. And it is great, but not as great as his third. Here Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert invented some truly amazing puzzles worth all the praises in the world… yet, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick Curse of Monkey Island over this.

With that said, the fantastic world of Secret is a MUST-INVESTIGATE for all point-and-click explorers out there.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (1992)

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

In this god sent point-and-click adventure, Indy is about to solve one of the greatest myths known to mankind… the lost city of Atlantis. Sophia Hapgood, an old co-worker of Indiana Jones, has become a psychic, and with her paranormal skills, she supports him along the journey. The two partners are pursued by the Nazis who seek to use the power of Atlantis for warfare…

Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Day of the Tentacle

“Day of the Tentacle” one of the best adventure games of all time.

Just like “Curse of Monkey Island”, “Day of the Tentacle” is an incredible game by LucasArts. While Monkey Island is a bit more linear, you need to start to sharpen your memory skills when you wrestle the “The Tentacle”. This game will blow your mind with constant overlapping events,  different time zones, and multiple playable characters.

Sam & Max: Hit the Road (1993)

Sam and Max HIt the Road

“Sam & Max” is like an old’ school film noir set in bizarro world. Two detectives: Sam (a dog) and Max (a homicidal rabbit) are investigating a crazy case taken place at a quite depressing carnival. Of course, there’s something off, and soon they’ll find themselves in an insane conspiracy going all the way to the top.

Sam & Max is an excellent point-and-click adventure with loads of dark humor and crazy characters. Love it! See the intro here:

Full Throttle (1995)

Full Throttle

Get your motor running, head out on the highway! It’s time to get bad, bad as Ben, the protagonist in this hard-rocking point-and-click game set in a close, dystopian future, where you are the leader of the MC-gang “The Polecats”.

With astounding graphics and astounding voice-acting (Mark Hamill is playing the corporation crook Adrian “Rip” Ripburger), Full Throttle is an exciting adventure you don’t wanna pass on. Just check out the trailer:

Toonstruck (1996)


This strange gem is far from a masterpiece, but it’s too weird not to be mentioned. In this odd and dark mashup of live-action and cartoon, you play as an animator who gets pulled into a cartoon world populated by his creations.

To make it even more absurd, screen legend Christopher Lloyd is playing the animator you are controlling. Crazy? Yes. Fun? You bet.

The Curse of Monkey Island (Monkey Island 3, 1997)

Curse of Monkey Island

If I could only play one adventure game for the rest of my life, I’d pick Monkey Island 3 in a heartbeat. Why? I’ll give you three solid reasons:

  1. It’s amazing.

Guybrush’s third adventure sets off when he’s up to marry Elaine, but a cursed engagement ring Guybrush stole from his sworn nemesis LeChuck, turns her into a solid gold statue. Now Guybrush must find a way to save his beloved bride, and fight LeChuck, once for all.

The humour is perfect, the voice acting excellent, the graphics are timeless and the pace is god damn perfect.

Grim Fandango (1998)

Grim Fandango

I know, I know, there’s so much LucasArts here, but… like Pixar of family movies, they were the freaking kings of point-and-click adventures. And seeing that George Lucas created both companies, it may not be a coincidence.

In Grim Fandango, you play as a grim reaper in a world where death is business. But how come none of your clients can afford the best afterlife packages, while your stinkin’ co-workers always seem to deliver the goods? Somethings rotten, and we’re not talking about your decomposing clients.

Thimbleweed Park (2017)

Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park” is described as a spiritual sequel to LucasArts-masters Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick’s classic adventure games: Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. And it doesn’t just look gorgeous with its STUNNING pixel art; it also has a fantastic gameplay feel.

In this game, we follow two FBI agents, Ray and Reyes, as they investigate strange events that have taken place in the small town of Thimbleweed Park. Of course, the similarities to the cult TV show The X-Files isn’t a coincidence.

BONUS: Manoförce: A True Metal Adventure (TBR)

The band members of Manoforce and Boogie.

Hah, bet you didn’t see this one coming. Of course, I’m too excited to see my own game listed among these great, great, great ones that I simply couldn’t refuse. But I do also think that it is fantastic.

Elevator pitch:

You’re Boogie, a nerdy teenage metalhead, who elopes to see the last show of your favorite band Manoförce. You’ll soon learn that even metal Gods could need a helping fist. It’s up to you to SAVE THE FINAL GIG and prove that you’re TRUE METAL!

“Manoförce” is inspired by the incredible games from LucasArts, such classics as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max: Hit the Road, and Full Throttle. For more information about Manoförce, follow us on Facebook.

If you’ve enjoyed some of the games mentioned above, I think you’ll find Manoförce as an essential companion piece. It’s a passion project I’ve been working on with my co-worker, Lynx, on and off for… my gosh, ten years. And soon, it will finally be released!

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